About Kurt

Kurt grew up in Columbus, Ohio. He moved to Cincinnati and went to college at the University of Cincinnati. After moving between Cincinnati and Columbus he worked outside Philadelphia, PA for almost 5 years. He has written many articles, poems, short stories and is working on a few novels. He currently makes Columbus, Ohio his home. Below are some of the books he has written or had work featured.


Neon Reflections will be out September 2013

316 thoughts on “About Kurt

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and following me. I’m truly humbled…after reading some of your posts. You are very talented…very touching heartfelt writing. I look forward to read more later on. Oliana

  2. Thanks, Kurty, for following The Bible Through the Seasons. May what I offer enhance your call in life. I wish you blessings on all your creative efforts. Nick

  3. I really enjoyed reading your poems, and I feel honored to see that you stopped at my blog to follow it, thanks so much πŸ™‚ I wish to read more of your poetry with time, I’m excited to follow you! πŸ™‚ Thanks again!

  4. Hello Kurt. Thanks for following my tot lot. I’m glad you like what i’ve put up there. I’m looking forward to the new version of your book “a fly on the wall”. Sounds like it’ll be a good buy.

  5. Hello! FINALLY, I’ve gotten a chance to say thank you for all of those, ‘likes’! I really appreciate you following my blog! It’s of few words, but overflowing with photographs. I cling to that adage of, ‘ a picture is worth a thousand words’ and hope people never get bored of it;) Anyway, I really look forward to delving into your blog and thank you so much again! Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Kurt. Thank you for following my new blog. I will be checking out your work soon, I’m following you as well. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  7. Kurt… I’m a philly guy, born and raised. I write and run in Bucks County now, but still have kids in the city and I’m there often, in fact will be down tomorrow. Glad you stopped by my blog, because now I found you and your poetry. I’m trying to dial up my poetry IQ, hoping it will help my prose. Keep going, I like your stuff… jim

  8. Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog! I appreciate it very much. I’ve enjoyed my visit here and look forward to following your work. πŸ˜€

  9. Hey Kurt, thank you for following! As an English teacher I am really excited to get to know your work.

    Do you have any suggestions of your poems you think might be accessible to high school students?

    • I would say Human, She Dreams of Smiles, He Waits and The Bell Tolls For Thee…. If you want, tell me what you would like and I could send them as a pdf to you through email.

  10. Your poetry makes me want to dig out my own: past written. Makes me want to writer more: thought but unwritten. And more, unthought, unwritten.

    Thank you for following my blog. May the inspiration be mutual.

  11. Nice reading about you Kurt, I enjoyed a few poems on your blog. I will have to visit again

    Thanks for following my blog Ajaytao2010@wordpress.com. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may definitely find something of your interest.

  12. Hi Kurt and thanks for stopping by my new writing blog. I have had a good look round yours now and like what I see. Happy to follow you back and look forward to reading more of your poetry. If you fancy posting something on my blog for one of the mini monthly writing comps I would love to see it and please feel free to link back to your own blog if you do go ahead. Best wishes from a newbie!

  13. Hi Kurt, it’s great to meet you and to read some of your wonderful poetry. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and follow my blog. One of the things I’ve most enjoyed about blogging is meeting new people and getting to know their writing. Good to get to know you, and congratulations on all your awards

  14. thanks for checking me out. looking forward to learning more from emerging master writers like yourself. Not sure what kind of writing I will get into 100% as of yet but will enjoy reading your work. Have a nice day

  15. Hey, thanks for following me and giving me the opportunity of discovering your blog. All the best to you & keep writing! πŸ™‚

  16. Thanks for the follow (on my fiction blog, Once Upon a Reality)! I do always enjoy connecting with other writers- if you follow the link on this comment, you can also connect to my poetry blog (I write both), which may be of some interest to you! I look forward to delving into your work πŸ˜€

  17. Thank you for following my blog and leading me to yours! Your poetry is effortlessly expressed, writing definitely comes naturally to you. I look forward to reading more πŸ™‚ x

  18. “Secrets was fantastic! I will be reading more. Thanks for wandering through my blog, deciding to stay with me for a while, and appreciating my post. Happy writing! Happy Reading!

  19. Thanks for following my blog.

    What sort of novels are you currently working on. Had a quick look on Amazon for your books but there not really any information.

    Thanks, and have a great day!

    • I had one “Motion” that was on a seven year publishing contract that just ran out.  I plan on putting that one back out once it is edited correctly.  I have another novel finished and that needs edited as well.  Both are thrillers.  I did self publish “Fly on the Wall” and took off the market so I could get all the poetry edited and also add another hundred poems to it.  If someone is going to drop $15 on a poetry book I think they should get their money’s worth.  That one should end up being around 400 pages.


  20. Hello Kurt! I look forward to really diving into your blog. Also, thank you for following my blog at http://faith1stministries.com I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st because the “just shall live by his faith.” — Sebastian

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  22. Hey, Kurt! Thanks for the follow! I hope that you enjoy some, if not all, of what I produce. I look forward to reading your work as often as I can!

    Take care

  23. Kurt, thanks for being the first person to find my blog (even though I didn’t realize I had put it out there). In fact, other than my wife, no one knows that the blog exists. Still, thank you for following me. While I’m not a poet, I do enjoy poetry. Again, thank you.

  24. Hi Kurt,
    thanks for the follow. I am an old Ohio/PA native and still think of it as home. I’ll be sure to read your posts.

  25. Thanks so much for following my blog πŸ™‚ I’m completely loving that my first follower is published πŸ˜€

  26. Thank you for the follow it is very much appreciated. I have been reading through your blog and although I am not usually a massive fan of poetry there is something about your style that has me gripped, thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy your work.

  27. Thank you, Kurt, for following my blog. I grew up in Columbus, a few years before you did, I imagine. I was in the first graduating class at DeSales. I look forward to reading your poetry.

  28. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog today and click on the Like button to my most recent post. Your blog is interesting and enjoyable. Keep up the good work you’re doing here. I hope to hear from you again soon. Cheers!

  29. Mr. Rees, thank you for following my blog! I hope you enjoy your stay! I see you write poems, I’ll need to check them out, since I love poetry so!

  30. Kurt,
    Many thanks for the “like” and for following my blog. I would like to return the compliments and sign up. I look forward to exploring your poetry.
    You servant,

  31. A poet! I strive to write good poetry – I’ll be working on new ones during National Poetry Month in April. Thanks for following the Newbie Writer Guide! We work to create relevant information for all writers!
    See you in our blogs. .

  32. My mom’s family is from Akron. I was back there only a few months ago. I love Ohio, even if it is a bit too cold for me in the winter… Also, I love the cover of “A Fly on the Wall.” πŸ™‚

  33. Nice to “meet” you, Kurt, and thank you for following my blog — I’m looking forward to reading more of yours. I’ve had a slow week, but the squirrels are about to hop back on the treadmill …

  34. Thanks for following my blog Kurt. I am impressed by how much material you have. I am enjoying looking through your poems. Thank you for sharing them. Stan.

  35. Hello Kurt! Thank you for checking out my blog! I am totally impressed with the poems, I will come back to read more!

  36. Hi there fellow Buckeye –

    i nominated you for the Very Inspring Blogger award. I wrote about it – Warm and Fuzzy, but I cannot for the life of me figure out the ping thing – so this is what you do – follow the instructions on the Warm and Fuzzy blog, then copy the link of the image and attach to your site via widget.

    Technology is not my friend, but that is okay:)

  37. Kurt, you honour me with your follow. Thanks for this and your kind visit. My blog is intended to raise awareness of the persecution of divorcing / divorced fathers and children by our matriarchal society. Having said this, there will be poetry from time to time. I’m a bit busy at present, but look forward to exploring your blog in the near future. Cheers, S.

  38. Kurt,
    Your poetry is inspiring. It’s like you dig into the roots of humanity and pull out the heart for everyone to see–there’s sincerity, truth, and a story. Thank you for sharing your writing and thank you for following my blog. I look forward to reading.

    -Typewriters & Wine

    • It is my pleasure following your blog… I want to thank you for your kind words. It is very hard posting some of these because they are so personal, but someone may relate to some of them and that’s what writing is all about.. right?

  39. Thanks for visiting my blog today and for following me. Trying to get to grips with formal poetry just now as this is the next part of the course I am studying. Really enjoying it. I will come back and read more of your poetry – I like its apparent simplicity.

  40. Thanks for finding my blog so that I could find yours! Intrigued by what I’ve read and will return.
    Not being disturbed from writing by the girl in the coffee shop–loved it.

    • You are welcome and thanks for stopping by. She was fine… just sometimes some quiet is what you need to write. Plus, with all the gloomy ones I had posted, I needed one thrown in there to liven this site up a bit!

  41. Greetings! I write to nominate you for a Versatile Blogger Award. To be honest, you don’t win a prize or medal or any such thing. Rather, this is a simple commendation from one blogger to others regarding the value of your work, and it has the potential of expanding your audience (and also, I surmise, that of others, to include the founders of VBA). To accept, use this link.
    Once there, check the VBA rules to decide whether you want to accept.

  42. Just stopping by to thank you for your follow on Shift Key and to peruse your huge site, lots to read. I am enjoying your poetry style. Thanks.

    • Please share my work with your poetry group… It would be a crime if I kept all this work to myself. I’m just glad you like it enough to share with others. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  43. Hi Kurt. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Poetry is such a subtle art, isn’t it, with such profound emotions conveyed in such quiet voices that everyone can nonetheless hear and relate to. Good luck with your other writing as well.

    • You are welcome and thanks for stopping by! It Lies was a fun one to write. It is funny listening to people and what they think it means. I’ll never tell! lol

    • It’s amazing what one’s people think are good and the ones I think are good. Missing You and She Dreams of Smiles always amaze me at what readers think of them and how they bring emotions out of people. I appreciate your compliment so much…

  44. Nice to meet a fellow Ohioan online! I grew up in NE Ohio, and went to college just north of Columbus. Great blog, and thanks for the follow! Looking forward to reading more of your work.

  45. Kurt, nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I hope you enjoy it. I see you follow my husbands blog, bwthoughts, too.

    We’re Buckeyes in the process of moving to the Chicago area. πŸ™‚


    • You are welcome and thanks for stopping by! I went there around the same time. I knew a few that went to the Conservatory of Music. That was a great time. Always loved UC.

  46. Thank you for the follow. I am returning the favor. These lines really struck a chord with me from “The Truth Unfolds” (great title btw):

    Sometimes the truth unfolds
    from a piece of paper
    that has been in a pocket
    for a while,
    and no matter how good
    the work is
    it still ends up in
    the trashcan.

    So sad. so true. achingly lovely.

  47. Thanks for visiting my blog and following it, I’m glad to have been able to come by your blog and read just one of the poems you’ve written (so far – I plan on reading more!) – cheers! M.E.

    • Hello stranger! lol Sorry for the delayed response… this site has exploded and I am finally getting around to thanking those that have stopped by… Thanks for stopping by and your continued support!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I am trying to gather about 400 poems together to enter into a book. Once I get them together I will be looking for someone to edit them…

  48. I want to thank you kindly for following me and noticing that you have an interest in the literary arts, I hope my poetry inspires you :). I do wish you luck and good fortune in your future writing ventures.

  49. Hey Kurt … thanks much for taking the time to read and follow my blog. I read through your poem Nightmare and loved the twist at the ending. Well done sir and hope your writing is going well.

    • You are welcome and thanks for stopping by! Nightmare always shocks me at how well it is accepted. I think it took 5 minutes to write and it was something that I thought was “ok”. I’m happy you like it! The writing is up and down like all writers I guess! lol

      • I’ve had that experience with a few things … something I thought was OK was received well by others. Oh …. it’s so up and down for me too. Trying to touch into short fiction and just not sure it’s my bag. Take care..

  50. Wow Kurt, I really didn’t realize how deep you were. Educate me a little further via email or phone on some of the things you have out there? Really hope to hear from you soon!

    John Hunt

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