Christmas Snow


Christmas Snow

I can look back
and see the Christmas snow
falling slowly.
It never made a sound,
but chilled my watered skin
to the bone.
A time for family and cheer
was tainted by your words.
I spent the entire day wondering
what I did to drive you to him.
Now I look back at that moment
of walking outside to clear my head.
No moon to light the night sky
and how the beautiful lights
on all the houses,
helped me forget you.
My memory is of that moment
and not of you, or your words.
There is no snow on the ground
this year to remind me,
of how the ice and your words
chilled me to the bone.
Just the beautiful lights
on every house.
They are lit this year
to remind me
that the lights shine brighter
and much clearer this year.

©Copyright 2009 by Kurt Rees.
All rights reserved


11 thoughts on “Christmas Snow

  1. As the year comes to an end, so will some of those past moments. In time they will become distant memories and you’ll move on to something much better and brighter…

    Wishing you a very Happy and successful New Year. 🙂

  2. A lovely poem that illustrates the way that time can heal. I really loved the feeling conveyed by the lack of moon to light the night sky juxtaposed with the lights on the houses. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Kurt, what a beautifully conceived message of hope and optimism. Thanks for nudging our thoughts toward the positive with your delightful poem.


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