The Winner

I was watching
TV today and noticed
a beauty queen on the news.
She won the competition
and there were forty nine losers.
The winner gets called
and she talks about her new book.
The book talks about success.
The girl says that she has been
competing for well over ten years
and that her positive attitude helped her win.

What I want to see
are the forty nine losers
that spent the last ten years competing
and lost.
I want to hear how they deal with the
Do they slip into drugs or give up on life?
Nobody in America wants to hear about
the loser.
America has always loved the winner
and what they have to say,
even if that winner isn’t articulate in the way
they speak.
It’s too bad that nobody teaches the loser
how to overcome failure.

It’s not taught
by our churches, schools or families.
Nobody wants to think about failing,
so they don’t talk about it.
We need the voice
for the failing grades
the failing marriages
and for the failing
of ourselves.

©Copyright 2010 by Kurt Rees.
All rights reserved


10 thoughts on “The Winner

  1. I completely agree. And it’s because we all want to boast a fairy tale….FILL IN THE BLANK. But we all break at some point or another, and there is little support for that. You get punished.

  2. In the UK the underdog id king , we love the looser the nerdo well……….. I agree with hitandrun1964 we need to teach real life, how to cope without expecting the state to pay people for the privilege to live, and young people need to realize that having a baby is not the answer to their prayers but a whole new set of problems and winning the XFaxtor is not a solution!

  3. Yes, it’s true for sure but we also need to learn that winner is not the’ be all and end all’ of a matter. Losers of competitions can and do succeed in life, and it’s a shame that we rarely get to hear about it, but it does happen.

    We also need to teach people how to cope when they lose. It’s not a crime to fail but rather a way of making you see things in a different light. It can help to move you on in another direction especially if you’ve been trying something for years which isn’t going anywhere.

  4. True.. They need to teach that everyone is a winner.. And the prize is abundance of life.. Not hold up those that get it “right” but the ONE who made us all “right” ❤

  5. So true. A very important lesson to learn when growing up: how do you fail with grace, pick yourself up again and keep going?

  6. We need to teach real life in schools and not dates and battles of wars where people kill each other. Solutions…what are yours? How can we change things…what can we do? We need to find a way to get ideas together and then initiate change.

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