They Leave Me Memories

I see
the old tube of lipstick
in the bathroom,
still in the cabinet.
In the exact same place
she left it
months ago.
I remember how
she put it on
before coming to bed
and me telling her to stop.
That I wouldn’t see it anyway
after she turned out the light.

I see the dental floss
left behind
from the Georgia peach
I took a bite out of,
and the olive oil soap
from the olive skin beauty
from California.

I think of the nights
with each of them.
The way the shadow
of a body would
hit the wall
when they turned out
the light.
The feel of their skin,
their curves,
and how they would
lay in bed.
Their feet,
their fingers,
and strands of hair.

Most guys
will say their lovers
leave panties, stockings
and bras behind.
I have never had
that problem.
It’s the floss,
the soap,
and the many
other things
left in my bathroom.

Then I think
of my buddy
who always told me.
”You know you have
a girlfriend when she
has a box of pads
under the sink.”

I remember
the girlfriend from Colorado
leaving a box of pads
under the sink,
and am amazed they
are still there.

I thought of all this
while I was pissing tonight.
I missed the toilet a bit
and cleaned up the mess
with one of the pads.
Finally a good use
for them.

I need to buy toilet paper
and paper towels tomorrow.

©Copyright 2008 by Kurt Rees.
All rights reserved


17 thoughts on “They Leave Me Memories

  1. So the girl from Cali never noticed the girl from Colorado’s pads? 😉
    I really enjoyed this collection of things people leave behind. For me it was finding his hair on my laundry, and his work notes that I had set aside months ago to be reused as scratch paper. It’s the things you don’t expect.

    • I didn’t date all of them at the same time… Plus, I dated the girl from Colorado after the Cali girl. That would have been a hard one to explain if it were the other way around! lol

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