This Grocery Sucks

I’m waiting in line at the grocery,
and some jerk cut in front of me.

They smile with a shit look,
“I only have a few items,
you don’t mind, do you?”

It actually is a few items,
and I let it go this time.
I am having a good day,
and I won’t let this jerk ruin it.

I finally get to the register.
The girl working it is so young,
and looks to still be in high school.
She has tats running up both arms.
“Pretty nice day, isn’t it?”
She looks at me and nods with approval.
She is letting her teenage, angsty arms
speak for her today.

I pay her and walk away,
wondering what parent
would allow that young of a daughter
get permanent tattoos.

As I walk out the door
I hear a kid tell his mom to,
“Fuck off.”
My mouth dropped.
I was waiting for the mom to
backhand him,
but she didn’t.
I shook my head,
knowing the ass-cracking
I would have received
if I would have said that
to one of my parents.

I finally get in my car
and shut the door.
I close my eyes and enjoy
the silence.
I take a deep breath,
knowing that I am alone
and it is quiet.
I start the car
and pull away.

The jerk that cut in front of me
in the grocery line,
just cut in front of me
getting out of the grocery
parking lot.

Now I understand why people go crazy
and shoot up a place like this.
I don’t agree with it,
but I sure as hell understand it.

The thing that sucks for me,
I have four more places to go
before I can head home.

©Copyright 2013 by Kurt Rees.
All rights reserved


14 thoughts on “This Grocery Sucks

  1. Hehe I like that …. Try owning a cafe and having more than 600 people a day trying to offload their energies (good, bad) onto you each day … Hehehe no wonder I am a bit whacked !! Lucky I love people and all their little quirkivoties! Nice post …. That’s reality xxx 🙂 makes me smile really !

  2. Man, can I relate to this. I was beginning to think it was just me getting old and cranky. I see it every day too and I think is it any wonder that we no longer love our neighbor. We definitely live in a “me first” generation. And yes, had I uttered the statement that kid made, I would have been looking at the world through my butt.

  3. Oh, Holy Mother of “WalMart Rage,” I DO empathize! Way to go, Kurt…you said it for all of us who have juss fuggin’ HAD it with rudeness, thoughtlessness, incompetence, and mean-spirited behavior of all kinds. When someone at WalMart cuts in front of me or pi**es me off in any way, I wait one or two seconds, not more, and then let loose with a horrendous farting sound with my mouth. If they turn to look at me, I ignore them completely and go about my business. It used to annoy my wife when I mouth-farted some jerk in a public place, but she’s almost at the point where she’s ready to join me! YeeHah! Antiphonal farting!! ** 🙂 **

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