Red Stained Concrete

I was around 7 years old
and my next door friend
wanted to ride bikes.
He told me to follow him.

Once we arrived
at a mechanic’s shop
about a mile away,
we saw multiple red stains
on the concrete walk
at the front door.

He told me that the owner
was shot
and killed
at that very spot
a couple days before.

It was my first experience
with death.
I was almost ill
looking at all the red stains.
It was weird looking
at all that human fuel
splattered everywhere.

We finally left,
but I still remember that moment.
I also remember going back
every so often,
until the stains disappeared
from the weather,
and the excitement
eventually wore down.

This happened almost 40 years ago.
The stains have gone,
and the building has since been
but the memory of red stains
and a disgusting story
still remains.

©Copyright 2013 by Kurt Rees.
All rights reserved


13 thoughts on “Red Stained Concrete

  1. Far too many red stains in Miami. Drive-by shootings so frequent many do not even make the news. Unfortunately many children here also know red stains and have aged with fear and cynicism beyond their years.

  2. Blood stained memories
    never could be washed away clean
    for it was imprinted in the depth of mind
    the splash the pain the cry in vain
    the feel of death, the passing of life
    nothing remains, yet it haunts
    many years are gone..I feel that prick
    the moments that ticked..and soul left
    the body..on the concrete with red stains.

  3. This poem brings back memories of a triple murder in my hometown back in ’75. I remember that feeling of morbid curiosity at the crime scene. The house was on my running route and I knew the boy who had been murdered. The 39 acre property was sold and has since gone through many transformations. But like you, the memories of the horror visited upon that family will always, always remain.

  4. Blood has a way of making you remember that there was life within it.

    It reminds you of just how fragile we are as humans. It’s one of the hardest stains to get rid of, and that’s because it’s so important.

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