Goodnight Mother Earth

Angry people at the stop-light.
An accusing boss of things that are false.
You tell a friend how your family
doesn’t like your writing,
when your family hasn’t read a thing.
Your friend responds by telling you
they won’t buy your book,
that they will never read it.
No reason given.
I don’t ask.

The worms from the ground
keep screaming for me to join them,
but there has to be a better way.
I keep believing that maybe tomorrow,
the maggot at the light may smile.
That the maggot boss will know truth.
My maggot friend and family
won’t criticize before reading.
There are so many things
I could point a finger
in their lives and criticize,
but don’t.
What good would it do,
for me and for them?

I could quit writing
and have the worms’ screaming
ring louder,
but I know there are better
days to come.
Tomorrow will be a better day.
The worms will bury themselves
deeper in the mud and
cry themselves to sleep again tonight.
So, goodnight this night,
mother earth,
and to your mud, maggots
and worms.

©Copyright 2008 by Kurt Rees.
All rights reserved


38 thoughts on “Goodnight Mother Earth

  1. I have tried for forever to “belong” to my family….I guess those that could give to me, did…and now they have gone from this world…the ones that remain….it is painful…I still try….but I am always in the process of making a new family for myself….new sisters and brothers from the Universe….
    Love your earthworms! I think earthworms are delightful!
    Your poetry must please them! If I were an earthworm, I would be pleased that you included me in your poetry! The earthworm does so much good for the soil—aerating it for the plants to grow!
    Sometimes our families do not grow with us…it makes life as a writer lonely at times…but you never know when one of your words…or poems…will touch them!
    You are a poet! so no need to worry about becoming one! Just keep writing, dearheart!

  2. I always find myself in fear of others reading what I write, yet I write and blog away. The worms are not for you as your words are not for them. We write for us. You write to set a piece of your soul free in every word. I’ll be reading.

  3. This is beautiful. I’d like to print it out and read every day! I have re blogged it, so hopefully others will read your words. We’re all in the same boat. Telling someone you’re writing is akin to telling them you eat small children! X

  4. What a great poem, the below was something I could identify with, tell my family I wrote about it in my blog and no one has read it 🙂 But it doesnt matter the people that want to appreciate it will. Keep on writing

    “You tell a friend how your family
    doesn’t like your writing,
    when your family hasn’t read a thing.”

  5. Thank you very much for following my blog! I hope you will return to read the upcoming chapters.

    And your blog is very nice as well! I’ve read through some of your poetry. I like the profound and honest tone in the poems. Will return!

  6. “An accusing boss of things that are false.
    You tell a friend how your family
    doesn’t like your writing,
    when your family hasn’t read a thing.”

    I can identify with each. I love how your poem referenced reality, and in this markedly honest yet creative way. Sublime.

  7. “You tell a friend how your family
    doesn’t like your writing,
    when your family hasn’t read a thing.”
    Could not be more accurate. I love this piece. Thank you for following me, I look forward to reading more of your work.

  8. Sometimes we need to leave certain folk behind and move on with what we want to do in life. Familiarity breeds contempt and those around us can make life unbearable but it’s not always their fault. It could be, that’s all they know.

    Keep up the good work, open new doors, meet new people and in time we pray that all will work out to your end.

  9. I have too many days like that! Everyone is too caught up in their own stories to even acknowledge mine, let alone involve themselves in it in a positive way. That’s for checking out my blog!

  10. This is so full of truth. Creativity gets us to bring new and sometimes surprising things into the world. Lots of people dont know what to do with something new, and they dont know what to do when we keep changing….best not to look they say…..

  11. But we could talk about something else and pretend it’s this and then when we don’t like the answers that we come up with at least we weren’t just talking about this and why does everybody around look so confused?

  12. So sad….. the dream of writing that epic novel Is always in my mind. I’ve tried to get my older children to read the words I have written on the page. I value their opinion but they roll their eyes at me.

  13. I gave up painting for 17 years because my first husband rubbished my art…the one thing that made my soul sing. Now I paint, alot, now I know better – other’s criticisms speak volumes about who they are, not us. I am a petty good painter, you are a fantastic poet!

  14. I am so excited. I got the notification the you’re following my blog, checked out your blog, and find myself thrilled to know you are totally worth the time to read! Thank you for the sweet surprise this evening.

  15. This is a frustrating feeling, and I once gave up writing for three years because I felt that no one, not even those closest to me, were listening. Thank you for showing my blog some love — it means a lot to know I have someone reading my work. I will be sure to come back and hear what you have to say.

  16. Great cadence and some great imagery. Love the phrasing of better days to come with its preceding line. Love the line about your friend saying he won’t read or buy your book, it’s quite jarring in it rudeness.

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