Red Wine
I want to mention some
things about myself.
love that I’ve lost,
and pain that I’ve caused.
I keep sitting here
listening to your life story.
Go ahead,
and bore me with your words.

You pour wine into my glass
and I listen to more
of your boring life.
I keep listening,
but watch the pool
of red secrets
swirl in my glass.

I hope you find the time
to quiet the room.
My swirling secrets
may fill your ears
and the room
with intrigue.

Every drink I take
buries the secrets
deep within me
even more,
but the wine
chooses this night
to release them.
I just hope you can handle
being considerate
for a while.

©Copyright 2007 by Kurt Rees.
All rights reserved


27 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for deciding to follow it. I appreciate your vote of confidence, and I hope you will continue to enjoy reading my posts.

    Your blog is wonderful! I enjoy your writing very much. This poem, in particular, really spoke to me. It is so emotive and beautiful. There is a very soft, sultry sort of feeling about it. I kind of feel as if I’m sitting in a bar, next to a stranger who is telling me everything about his life. And I’m hanging on every word. Fantastic!

      • Darn. I thought I might be able to get you to open up… 🙂
        Nice poem, by the way. I like your style of writing poetry. I also write poetry, and recently began a blog, Poetry Perfected. So far, it only has three posts. Did you ever have a fear of posting your poetry to the internet for all the world to see, read, and judge?

        • I always worry about it. A lot is personal, but someone may relate to it and help them. There are some I will not post because it is way too personal.


          • I can understand and relate to the last statement. Some things just aren’t meant to be shared. Thanks for sharing what you have! No need to reply, this conversation has gone on long enough! (I don’t know how to put a little box/square at the end to indicate “end of discussion”, so if you know, then reply and tell me, if not, this will be the end!)

  2. Conversation has apparently changed with the creation of social media. It used to be most often one person telling a tale while the other asked questions and expressed a perspective. Now it is most often one person starting a tale and the other responding with the beginning of a tale about themselves.

    So now it seems everyone’s life but ours – and Kim Kardashian’s – is boring to us.

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