She Dreams of Smiles

She picks flowers
and puts them in a vase.
It happens every day.
The arrangement
is different
every time I see her.
She tells me of dreams
about her husband
that died
a long time ago.
She always sees him
dressed in white.
How he stands there
with their dogs
and cats
that have passed.
He smiles
to let her know
things are going well.

She looks at the vase again
while we talk.
She speaks of how when
he was alive he would
cut flowers
and put them in a vase.
It was an everyday ritual.
She starts to cry and says
that the current flowers
in the vase
kind of keeps him alive
on earth
and that it’s her way
of smiling back.

©Copyright 2007 by Kurt Rees.
All rights reserved.


16 thoughts on “She Dreams of Smiles

  1. Very moving and reminds me of someone who does a similar thing. It always astounds me the way the power of ritual, in whatever form, enables us to cope even with the deepest struggle.

  2. You have a lovely way with words – making it LOOK effortless.

    Me, I write long. But I’ve always admired poets and songwriters who evoke a world and a story out of MY head with so few words of their own.

  3. It reflects, quite carefully, our need to be connected to those who have passed, and the mythologies we create to keep the connection alive. I really like it…

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