When the Blood Hit the Wood

I despise politics.
Two sides never coming together.
I despise hypocrites.
They always justify the wrong.
I despise living in darkness.
No way of getting out
you see a light
from rock bottom.

My mind is on the verge
of breaking.
There is
no more substance
in this world.
No passion,
no feeling,
no morals,
no life,
no sense.

It was You that changed it.
I can live with something
and it’s something
I want to share.
When the hammer hit the nail
and the blood hit the wood
my life changed
before I was born.

I may be
on the verge of madness,
but one thing is for certain.
All the wrongs,
the hate,
and selfishness in this world
doesn’t replace the truth I know.

The truth that I found in You.

©Copyright 2006 by Kurt Rees.
All rights reserved.


13 thoughts on “When the Blood Hit the Wood

  1. First line jumps out and then you take us through it’s implications to a bright point, a path of descent into dark to light. Very nice unified flow of thought, words, movement.

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