Life in Paint

This canvas,
a canvas of life,
beauty, pain and trials.
It is half filled for now
with beautiful colors.
Pretty blues
of oceans I have seen.
Piercing greens
of gorgeous woods I have hiked.
Earthy tans
of beaches I have walked.
Beaming yellows
of sunrises in the distance.
Burnt oranges
of canyons entrenched in my mind.
Dark reds
of blood I have shed in pain.
Luscious whites
of flowers that I gave away.
Billowing pinks,
borders of sunsets throughout my life.
Shadows in gray
of those that died,
leaving a lasting impression.
Accents in black
of hurt and broken heartedness.

I can only hope
that when this piece of art is done,
that the colors are lasting,
fixed in someone’s mind
of how I last with them.
A gray in their life’s art.
And to start my new masterpiece
of open canvas
with a street of gold.

©Copyright 2005 by Kurt Rees.
All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on “Life in Paint

  1. I have never thought of my actual life as a canvas until now, to surely be presented to the Lord in our end… I hope to beautiful, like this poem of yours. You are truly gifted. Painting a picture is so much harder with words than the actual painting itself, though with willing eyes, this painting is a masterpiece.-Loretta

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